The Refutation of an Attempt to Justify Covid Vaccination
on the Basis of ‘Occult’ Arguments

By Brane Žilavec, 1 February 2023

♠ If you are not familiar with the anthroposophical worldview see the description of
Basic Prerequisites for the Comprehension of Esoteric Explanations.

In April 2022 a friend passed to me an English translation of the German publication: Covid-19, Sars-CoV-2, Curse and Blessing by Ralf Roessner. [1] In the first part of this brochure there are given Roessner’s basic viewpoints of causes and dangers of the Covid disease and a single method of prevention against dangerous infection with SARS-CoV-2 – that is, the vaccine. And in the second part of the brochure there are given his answers to the number of questions (the source of which is not clear).

Although I was immediately struck with the very bad quality of this publication, I did not feel any urge to refute Roessner’s unfounded assertions, suggestions and conclusions. For at that time Roessner’s writing was just another example of the confusing mixture of some truths and all kinds of untruths – mainly in the form of repetitions of false and unproven official narratives in regard to the so-called ‘Covid-19’ – that were very common in writings of those anthroposophical doctors who managed to suddenly ‘forget’ the spiritual basis of an anthroposophical approach to human health and the origin of diseases.

In October 2021 I had already published the article How to Attain a Proper Understanding of the Social Phenomenon of the Corona Pandemic with the aim to enable my readers to see for themselves who among anthroposophical researchers is using the principles of spiritual-scientific research which is the only path to avoid arriving at the false judgments and conclusions in regard to spiritual realities working behind this very complex event.

However, Roessner is not just presenting his views of various medical and social aspects of ‘coronavirus pandemic’; for in the subtitle of the publication it is stated that this is “a contemplation about the being acting behind the corona virus, its cause and consequences, from the occult research of Ralf Roessner.” This puts his contribution in another category, in a category of esoteric research that is more difficult to evaluate for those unfamiliar with the nature of occult research, especially as Roessner does not explain what kind of methods he was using in his occult investigation. [2] The only hint he gives is in the following introductory sentences: “A friend remarked during a conversation: ‘This pandemic is a great catastrophe for the future development of humanity.’ Yet deep in my heart something else spoke: ‘No, it is not a catastrophe for humanity but its salvation’.” This means that we are dealing in his report with the revelations of his heart which is – according to traditional and anthroposophic perspective – the seat of human feelings. [3]

However, as the sources of his feelings and subsequent revelations are not clear – due to lack or absence of explanations of how he has arrived at them and because of numerous contradictions, which are neither noticed nor properly explained – I am not going to try to expose all the inaccuracies presented in Roessner’s report, because this is impossible in such a short format. Instead I will focus on the specific aspects of Roessner’s ‘occult research’ which will help the reader to understand why his writing is raising many more questions instead of offering sensible and useful explanations “about the being acting behind the corona virus, its cause and consequences” – as he boldly announces. [4]

the medley of confusing contradictions – from ‘there is nothing to protect against soratic infection’ to ‘vaccine is the only protection’

In the first part of his brochure Roessner says: “I can only agree with Judith von Halle who says: The long-term consequences of an infection, on the spiritual level, far outweigh the possible side effects of the vaccines. We must stop infections, to prevent the virus from ‘inhabiting’ the human being. With the virus we are being infected (and this is the new situation) with Soratic demons. To get rid of these will not be possible, not even with the best medicines. (It would have to be a remedy worked on in an occult way, which would be out of the question for the white brotherhoods).”

This is an example of how Roessner manages to express in such short passage so many unproven assertions that one is not sure where to start to unravel them. And this is not an exception, but more or less the case throughout his whole writing!

In the above quote he makes an unconvincing assertion that it is not possible to do anything “not even with the best medicines” after one gets infected with Soratic demons. And for that reason he is agreeing with Judith von Halle, [5] who “says that catching the virus is the real catastrophe for the further spiritual evolution of humanity: ‘It is better to get vaccinated than to catch the virus.’ She is correct in her assessment of the situation regarding vaccination.” The evidence for why this is so is either non-existing or scarce and unconvincing and – as we will see in the next part of the article – in stark contradiction with the fundamentals of anthroposophical medicine.

Elsewhere Roessner writes: “The objection could be made at this point that the vaccination does not necessarily protect from being infected with the virus. This may well be true, but it must be said, that it may not protect us from becoming ill physically, but it does protect us from a spiritual ‘infection’ with the Soratic spirit. The vaccine, one would have to say, infects us with Ahrimanic forces, by which means it protects us from an invasion of the Soratic spirit. Yes, we are deploying a devil as guardian of our inner sanctum.” Here he basically says that it is no problem if people get physically ill, because the most important is that they are protected against ‘spiritual’ impacts of Soratic infection by means of physical Ahrimanic vaccine. [6]

If one wonders how can a physical remedy protects person against spiritual infection by Soratic forces, one can find an explanation in Roessner’s reply to the following question: “If a virus relates to a spiritual being (Sorat) and a vaccine is produced based on this virus, why is the vaccine not connected with the initial spirit being?” His answer is: “The virus is not the demon, but the demon uses the virus. But when the virus is manipulated (to produce a vaccine) to use it for something else, the demon withdraws, and a different spirit connects with it. In this process the human being (virologist, biologist, chemist) is the intermediary. His/her intuition determines what kind of spirit connects with the vaccine.”

If one compares the above viewpoint with Steiner’s descriptions that are presented in my article The Spiritual Impacts of Vaccines and Mineral Drugs on the Future Evolution of Humanity it is not clear how Roessner has managed to link Sorat with the emergence of an inflammatory disease (Covid-19) which is an obvious expression of Luciferic influences. Only in the case of genuine inflammatory disease does it makes sense to use (if there are no other options) an ahrimanic form of medicine, including a traditional type of vaccine. This does not include an experimental ‘genetic therapy’ – which is a misnomer for a genetic experimental technique based on the binary type of thinking used in computer programmes, especially those that prevent against ‘infection’ by computer viruses.

In another part of the brochure Roessner presents a daunting picture of our powerlessness in regard to Soratic influence. “Up until now we have worked on our lower members to further our development. This will not necessarily be possible anymore. For as soon as one is being possessed by this [Soratic] spirit, one labours only towards this spirit… What human beings take in by becoming infected they won’t be able to transmute. Any fight against these anti-Christian powers would bind us to them once and for all. They do not care whether we are for or against them! That’s why the so-called ‘mavericks’ (without knowing it) are their most ‘faithful’ adherents.”

In the above description Roessner is identifying infection by Soratic spirit with possession by these beings. And one of the signs of such possession is if one is fighting against Soratic anti-Christian powers – as many anti-vaxxers have been doing! But he does not stop at this ludicrous assumption, he even proclaims that those who fight against Soratic powers will be doomed “once and for all” – that is, forever!!?

In the case of more spiritually advanced individuals we have similar problems. For Roessner has discovered that “it does not make sense to get vaccinated if you have been infected by the virus. It doesn’t matter if you had symptoms or not. The Sorat parasite which is taken in with the virus finds a home in the human astral body. And it is precisely the astral body which is worked on by the spirit student during his/her studies and during meditations, etc. Because this is the case it will be difficult for the infected person to become spiritually active in the ordinary way. One could say that in the infected person Sorat gets hold of everything in the person’s astral body with a spiritual content. As a result, the human ‘I’ turns toward this spirit and is positively attracted by it. In this way the ‘I’ enters into a certain spiritual captivity.”

One wonders if this is what happened to him?!! For he is openly admitting that he is performing spiritual/occult/esoteric research which, according to his own words, exposes him to the danger of his ego entering into ‘a certain spiritual captivity’.

Next, we are presented with an esoteric version of ‘asymptomatic infection’. For, according to Roessner, “it does not make any difference with Covid-19, whether someone has any symptoms, once they are infected with the Sorat virus. They have it within themselves (even without any symptoms of illness).” This is for sure a very effective method to scare people, but the evidence for the basic premises underlying such a conclusion are as deceptive and arbitrary as is the use of PCR tests as ‘evidence’ for ‘asymptomatic cases’ of ‘Covid-19’. [7]

In reply to the question: “How can I as the infected one sense in myself what you have described? What are the signs for example? Does one become lethargic, or alternatively does one not notice it at all? Aren’t there subtle symptoms?” – Roessner answered: “No, you won’t notice anything in yourself. But you will notice differences in your behaviour towards other people, as well as in your observations of nature. These will be very subtle, initially, but, when you look back after a certain time you will realise that your relationship to the world has changed in many respects.” One could hardly have a more indiscriminate and wide description of symptoms of ‘infection’ with the Sorat virus!

But things get even weirder. For Roessner has found out (by an undisclosed source) that “it was not Sorat’s primary aim to make people ill with the virus, but to inhabit them.” And for that reason “we cannot, as in the case of other viruses, get rid of it.” As it is very likely that many people already have been infected by the virus without knowing about this (due to the very nature of ‘asymptomatic infection’), then it is anyway too late for them to get vaccinated. This means that even if they did not resist the vaccines these people are, according to Roessner, also doomed together with all those anti-vaxxers just because they were too late.

In spite of all these very difficult hurdles Roessner still believes that “through vaccination we can protect ourselves from this [Soratic] spirit.” Although he is not saying “it is a good thing to get vaccinated” – he is still promoting it, because “it is worse to become infected.” And the reason for this is that “the vaccine can be got rid of quite quickly by a healthy human being without late after-effects, not so the Sorat spirit.” But then anyway it might be too late to get vaccinated, if you are already infected without knowing that you are infected. It seems that we are moving in the circle of “you can protect yourself if …” and “you cannot protect yourself because …”

In support of vaccination Roessner has even used the following mental construction: “Since many people have been vaccinated, the outer symptoms of the virus have become weaker, so that people lose their fear and there seem to be fewer reasons to get vaccinated. It would be best, of course, not to get infected and remain unvaccinated, but this is an illusion. The virus will catch up with us because we cannot really remain separate from our fellow humans in the long term. Furthermore, and this is terrifying, we cannot protect ourselves, not even spiritually.”

So Roessner crowning conclusion is that it is an illusion to stay unvaccinated and remain not infected by Sorat virus. And the reason for this is that we cannot protect ourselves even spiritually against Soratic infection. This claim is an extraordinary denial of the power of Christ as a source of ultimate healing of all diseases of humanity! And this is coming from a person who has used twenty-five times in his text the name of Christ – but obviously never bothered to read carefully what Steiner has said about the spiritual origins of diseases and the role of Christ in the past and future healings of diseases. [8]

It is very difficult to safely navigate through the Scylla and Charybdis of numerous contrary claims in regard to the descriptions of the dangers we are exposed to by Soratic infection and the actions of possible protections against it. The only way out of this is that we compare his descriptions of the being of Sorath with those given by Steiner (which will be done in the third part of this article) with the aim to see what the real dangers of Sorath are and how one can defend against the impacts of this being.

But before that we need to address one Roessner’s claim in regard to the effects of Covid vaccines which will expose the high level of his incompetence in regard to the medical aspects of this recent trial of humanity. [9]

are really all diseases and deaths already decided by past personal, individual, or karmic causes, regardless of a person’s present actions?

In the section with the questions and answers we have the following question: “Are the many side effects (infections after triple vaccination and deaths – more than with all immunisations carried out so far) not a sign, that the vaccinations are questionable and could be part of a dark agenda?”

Roessner’s answer is: “Every one of these assertions, which appear justified, have been ‘looked at’ by members of the white brotherhoods and found to be erroneous, or even rated as conscious lies. There is not a single person who has died from any of the corona virus vaccines! All cases of death, in this connection, have personal, individual, or karmic causes. [10] (If you must leave the physical plane due to karmic reasons, every helping ‘means to an end’ is justified. The same is true regarding (side) effects. All substances which find their way into our organism have their (side) effects in one way or another. A ‘healthy’ human being works through them all in one way or another, some better than others! My last vaccination with a new vaccine that needed testing happened a week ago with no effects! It is (medically) just as ineffective as all the others! But it fulfils its prescribed effect” – i.e. the protection against ‘Sorath infection’ (as described in the first part of this article)!

There are many unproven assertions and false assumptions behind such a conclusion. I will now address only the most outstanding one: the claim that it doesn’t matter for human health what kind of vaccine we take, for all cases of death and side-effects in the form of diseases have personal, individual, or karmic causes. [11]

If one takes seriously the possibility that every disease and death is the outcome of “personal, individual, or karmic causes,” then there is no point to add special warnings about food allergens on the label of food products with the aim to prevent any oversensitive person from suffering severe symptoms, or even to die in the case of an anaphylactic reaction – for “a ‘healthy’ human being works through” whatever he takes into his organism “in one way or another, some better than others” (which is so obvious in the case of food ingredients) – and only those who due to their karmic debts deserve it will become ill or die. If one follows this approach to its final conclusion, one cannot but arrive at the conclusion that there is no need to have any medical profession in place anymore, or even write about any health topic – for karma will sort out who survives and who not!?

Of course, Roessner himself contradicts such a conclusion, for – as we have already seen – he recommends Covid vaccines as the only protection against ‘Sorat virus’ infection!? Besides, he gives advice on how to overcome negative impacts of this infection by means of “bypassing our own astral body in our striving (to develop spiritually)” and by “learning the everlasting heart prayer.” One wonders why he acknowledges the spiritual impacts of vaccines on health, while simultaneously denying the physiological impacts of the vaccines on the human organism. Or, to be more precise: Why is he ascribing all negative physical impacts (so-called side-effect and deaths) caused by vaccination to karmic consequences, but not their spiritual impacts? [12]

Roessner’s statement that Covid vaccines do not contribute to the emergence of any disease or death just demonstrates his utter ignorance of the basic laws of karma in regard to human diseases, the origin and nature of death and the spiritual-scientific approach to the extremely complex questions of human health. For that reason we need to look into these two aspects in more detail (although still to a limited extent).

Medical aspects of the claim that vaccines do not have any negative physiological impact on the human organism

From Roessner’s writing it is evident that he is not familiar with the basic tenets of the anthroposophical medical approach. One wonders why people like him think that they can write and even give medical advice about things which they didn’t properly investigate. In comparison to this, just look at the titles of Rudolf Steiner’s Extracts on Disease and Health to see how complex are the questions of human health – and not so simplistic as Roessner is interpreting.

Let’s look just at one fundamental characteristic of the all-encompassing picture of The Essence of Human Health, the state of balance between the Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces in the human body, soul and spirit. If we then focus on the physical organism with spiritual vision we can see that “physical being, which the senses perceive as a unit, is in fact only seemingly so. Actually we are forever in tension between the forces which make us young and those which make us old, between the forces of birth and the forces of death. Not for a single moment throughout our life is only one of these forces present; always both are there.

When we are small, perhaps tiny children, the youthful, luciferic forces predominate. But even then, deep down, are the ageing forces, the forces which eventually lead to the sclerosis of our body and, in the end, to death. It is necessary for both kinds of force to exist in the human body. Through the luciferic forces there is always a possibility of inclining towards, let me say, the phosphoric side, towards warmth. In the extreme situation of an illness this manifests in a fever, such as a state of inflammation. This inclination towards fever and inflammation is ever-present and is only held in check or in balance by those other forces which want to lead towards solidified, sclerotic, mineral states. The nature of the human being arises from the state of balance between these two polar-opposite forces.

Valid sciences of human physiology and biology will only be possible when the whole human body and each of its separate organs, such as heart, lungs, liver, are seen to encompass polar opposites which incline them on the one hand towards dissolution into warmth and, on the other hand, towards consolidation into the mineral state. The way the organs function will only be properly understood once the whole human being, as well as each separate organ, are seen in this light. The science of human health and sickness will only find a footing on healthy ground once these polarities in the physical human being are able to be seen everywhere.” [13]

There is not a single reference in the whole of Roessner’s text to this fundamental polarity in the realm of human health, for on the basis of above descriptions it should be clear that everything one is doing has an impact on the state of healthy balance between the Luciferic and Ahrimanic polarities and not just karmic consequences from the past. [14]

The importance of our present actions is apparent also from Steiner’s explanation that a doctor should always use the best methods of therapy and try all that is possible to heal the patient in question, and not adopt a fatalistic approach with an excuse that “all cases of death, in this connection, have personal, individual, or karmic causes.” However, for this purpose the doctor needs to know much more about the origin of illnesses and the nature of human health than Roessner does. This includes also an indispensable insight that “according to the findings of clairvoyance we have within our constitution on the physical plane forces which destroy and also forces which continually impart new life.” [15]

Only on the basis of such a broad perspective can we understand why “we have the duty to make every attempt at healing with all the means at our disposal. The task to heal to the best of our ability lies embedded in the human consciousness. Thus the view that death, when it occurs, is something to be grateful for is not one which is normally present in ordinary human consciousness, but can only be won if we transcend it. From the ‘viewpoint of the gods’ it is justified to let an illness end in death; from the human viewpoint it is justified only to do everything to bring about healing. An illness which ends in death cannot be judged on the same level. Initially these two views are irreconcilable and they have to progress in parallel. Any abstract harmonising is of no use here. Spiritual science has to advance to a recognition of the truths which stem from one particular side of life and of other truths which are representative of another side.” [16]

As there is no indication whatsoever that Roessner has already reached the state of being capable of harmonising the perspective of gods and humans (which are initially irreconcilable), one is forced to conclude that Roessner is simply confusing the ‘viewpoint of the gods’ with the justified human perspective about the causes of illnesses and deaths.  These two perspectives cannot be judged on the same level, for when they are then one arrives at the absurd and far-fetched opinion that every assertion that Covid vaccines cause deaths and various kinds of adverse effects was “found to be erroneous, or even rated as conscious lies.”

There is no possibility of freedom in Roessner’s interpretation of karmic laws

For those who are familiar with Steiner’s explanation of the karmic laws, it is obvious that there are many things determined by our actions and attitudes from our past lives. However, when one really comprehends the primeval spiritual causes and the subsequent karmic origins of illnesses, one cannot arrive at such simplification as Roessner has done. This is evident even from the following short description of the origin of diseases by Steiner:

“It is precisely in sickness and healing that the complexities of human life become visible. If sickness and health did not exist, normal life could only proceed in such a manner that the human being would spin the thread of his life hanging on to a complete control of existence, never going beyond his limits. And the forces to construct his body anew would be given to him from the spiritual world between death and a new birth. In such a situation the human being would never be able to unfold the fruits of his own labour in the development of the world. These fruits can be unfolded by the human being in the close confines of life only in that he can err. For only by a knowledge of error can truth be arrived at.

It is only possible to assimilate truth such that it becomes part of the soul, such that it influences development, if it is extracted from the fertile soul of error. The human being could be perfectly healthy if he did not interfere in life with his errors and imperfections by breaching his limits. But health which has the same origins as the inwardly recognised truth, health for which the human being wrestles from one incarnation to the next with his own life, such health only comes about through the reality of mistakes, through illness. The human being learns to overcome his mistakes and errors in healing on the one hand, and on the other he meets the mistakes which he was not able to overcome in life in the existence between death and a new life so that he learns to surmount them in the next life.” [17]

In the above description we can recognise the strong connection between spiritual activities of human beings (knowledge of truth or mistakes) and state of health or disease. By means of this insight we can then pass to one of the most important challenges of the present time, the question of human freedom. For if everything was determined only by our errors and immoral behaviour from our previous lives, there would be neither possibility of learning from past mistakes, nor possibility for true healing.

This seeming impasse can be resolved by help of anthroposophical spiritual science which acknowledges that “in passing through these repeated earthly lives which moulded our destiny, we are not free.” [18] Yet it immediately adds another side of reality, which reveals that “we can always insert free actions into this web of destiny during our different lives on Earth.” [18] This means that “we can weave freedom into the web of destiny during a definite earthly life” [18] – including in our present life!

How can we do this? Only by means of “thoughts which consciously arise in the human soul as an ethical, moral ideal, in thoughts which have the strength to influence the human will and to lead it to action; [only] in such thoughts there is freedom. We can speak of human freedom when we speak of human actions shaped by man’s own free thinking, when he reaches the point, through a moral self-training, of not allowing his actions to be influenced by instincts, passions, emotions or by his temperament, but only by the devoted love for an action. In this devoted love for an action, can develop something which proceeds from the ideal strength of pure ethical thinking. This is a really free action.” [19]

In other words, our actions can be free only if we really understand our motives for them. Any action on the basis of obscure feelings – regardless if it is expression of our antipathy or sympathy towards something – any demand of following the behaviour of other people – regardless if it is prescribed by codes of moral behaviour or demanded by authorities “to protect the others” – any such action is an example of unfree action.

This doesn’t mean that we get stuck in a situation when we cannot influence the behaviour or other people – not at all! But as I do not want to be forced to do things which I regard inappropriate, or even harmful – just because someone else thinks I should – so I need to respect this basic human freedom of other people. [20] Without this we are on a slippery road towards a totalitarian rule of experts. For it is not decisive whether they are called ‘black brotherhoods’ or ‘white brotherhoods’ – what makes them ‘black’ or ‘white’ is their attitude towards human freedom. The black brotherhoods want obedient followers, while genuine white brotherhoods are supporting development of free individuality.

So how we can then influence behaviour of other people? “The only healthy way to gain influence over another person’s will is through cognition. Cognition should be the means whereby one soul comes to an understanding with another.” [21] This means that one needs to address the capacity of human understanding. And for that reason one needs to provide arguments which can be understand with common sense – and not by means of any kind of obscure metaphysical arguments, or by means of suggestion, or any other kind of manipulation of human mind and feeling.

In accordance with this criterion, we can see that Roessner is not capable even of explaining how he has arrived at his insights, nor even providing any consistent arguments in favour of them. But he is very good at using suggestions that he has a special relationship with the ‘white brotherhood’, that he is working in the sense of Christ spirit, that he is capable of distinguishing good from evil, and so on – while the nature of his presentation and its conclusions are in complete contradiction with the common sense and the facts of life. Therefore we can conclude that he is not using the means of cognition to influence the behaviour of other people. For spreading confusion is one of the main methods to obscure the hidden aims of those who are manipulating public opinion for their egoistic ambitions.

In regard to the issue of human karma versus human freedom, Roessner goes even to the length of introducing new karmic law!? [22] In reply to the question: “The spiritual world places challenges for humanity in accordance with its abilities. It does not subject us to challenges beyond our capabilities. Does the case of corona represent a new civilisatory karma, unforeseen in the divine ordering of the world, which must be overcome by humanity rather than by the spiritual world?” – he answers: “This is indeed the case. As humanity we have opened the door to this virus through our negligence and our materialism – we must bear the consequences as a social community.”


According to Roessner, Sorat “belongs to the rank of the Elohim – equal to Christ. Sorat is the two horned beast mentioned in the Apocalypse of John whose name is only mentioned in code by the number of the beast 666. Since then, his working against the working of Christ for humanity increases periodically every 666 years: 666-1332-1998-2664.”

There is no proper explanation how this being differs from Ahriman and Lucifer, except for this brief one: “Ahriman and Lucifer belong to the rank of Archangels. Because they rebelled against God’s counsel they were banished from the heavens to the earth. It is altogether different in the case of Sorat. He belongs to the rank of the Elohim.” However, when “on 31st December 2019 the first human being was infected in Wuhan/China, 21 years after 1998 ... Sorat changed from Sun-demon to Earth-demon.”

Of course, there are no explanations given by Roessner about the different kind of impacts of Soratic influences in the years 666, 1332, and 1998 and why such dramatic transformation of the Sorat being has occurred only on 31st December 2019 through the single infection of the single human being with a new virus, SARS-CoV-2!

Let’s compare this brief sketch by Roessner with the description by Steiner that “Sorat has meant ‘Demon of the Sun’ since ancient times. Every star has its good spirit – its intelligence – and its evil spirit – its demon. The adversary of the good powers of the Sun is called Sorat. Christ was always the representative of the Sun, namely, the intelligence of the Sun.” [23] For that reason “Sorat is the adversary of Christ Jesus.” [23]

In our time the intelligence of the Sun is available to humanity in the form of anthroposophical spiritual science. The nature of its adversary can be discerned by a short characterisation of the first attack of Sun Demon in the year 666, “at the time when Arabism was flowing into Christianity in order to impress the seal of materialism onto western culture.” [24] For “what is at work in the materialism of human beings is, fundamentally, the demonic work of the Sun Demon.” [24]

It is not possible to go into detail in descriptions of the working of Sorath in historical evolution of humanity. For start I just want to show that there is no plausible explanation why Roessner is making a connection between China and Sorat, and even more outstanding is his unproven suggestion that Sorath has changed from Sun-demon into Earth-demon in the year of 2019. [25]

Another very confusing picture of the role of the Soratic being in regard to the Covid pandemic is presented by Roessner in the following passage: “It is indeed terrifying what we are experiencing at present. Every individual is personally involved whether they are vaccinated or not. And it does affect many millions, soon to be billions of people. The ‘expulsion from paradise’ was a definitive event. And so is this pandemic – not just in a symbolic way. It is the great turning point in the soul-spiritual development of humanity. Therefore, this event is nothing personal. It would not even have been something personal had we become ill. For this is not about becoming ill (of course people have become ill to a greater or lesser extent); it is also not in the plan of these Soratic spirits that someone dies. For death frees people from all possessions, so these Soratic spirits have, understandably no interest in it.”

It is not clear at all how Roessner has arrived at the notion that Soratic spirits have no interest in killing people?! For this notion is in striking contradiction with the description of the being of Sorath in the Apocalypse and in Steiner’s published works.

We will start with the following summary of the four adversaries of proper human development: “Lucifer seeks to seduce human feeling, which is rooted in the human astral body; Ahriman (Satan) seeks to enslave human thinking in materialism; our thinking is rooted in the human etheric body. The Asuras seek to negate human willing by destroying the human physical body, the vehicle of human will in the material world, while Sorath seeks to pervert, or one could also say invert the human ‘I’ itself, i.e. turn it into its opposite. The human ‘I’ is the Sun within the human entelechy; its perversion or inversion would eclipse that Sun and turn it into a ‘black Sun’, a bestial human being, and indeed Steiner identifies the worst of Sorath with the power of black magic.” [26]

Therefore “Sorath is the name of the Sun-Demon, the adversary of the Lamb.” [27] For that reason Steiner calls him also Anti-Christ. Rudolf Steiner has provided extensive amount of descriptions of the nature and role of Luciferic and Ahrimanic beings, while he was more sparing about the nature and role of Sorath. However, there are enough descriptions of Sorath to enable us to acquire basic understanding of the real dangers of this being. [28]

Let’s look at one description which is very helpful to grasp the impacts of this being in the present time, including in the intensive period of ‘coronavirus pandemic’: “The misuse of spiritual forces is connected with that seductive power of the beast with the two horns. And we call this abuse of the spiritual power black magic, in contradistinction to its right use, which is white magic.” [29] So in regard to the Sorat being we are primarily dealing with the difference between those who practise white magic and those who practise black magic. This is not a distinction between good and bad people in ordinary moral sense, but between those who consciously work on the esoteric level and use their advanced spiritual powers for either the benefit of all humanity, or for extremely egoistic goals of chosen groups.

Therefore in our time only those are under the spell of Sorath who have “an almost unalterable tendency to the abyss, who [have been] already entangled in some way in the prongs of the two-horned beast, which leads men to the practice of black magic.” [30] In comparison to this the ordinary people “do not come at all into any contact with black magic arts – and this is for the time being the case with most people” [30] In other words, we are dealing here mainly with the abuse of spiritual powers by initiated leaders of occult brotherhoods with the aim to control the masses for their selfish interests. For “the number 666 … is also the number of those human beings who, out of their own cunning free will, have become black magicians by placing spiritual forces in the service of their own egotism.” [31]

Let’s proceed with another example. In response to the question, “What are Sorat’s influences on our ‘double’?” – Roessner answered: “In the future it will become even more difficult to work in a positive way. For the double itself nothing will change. Sorat has no interest whatsoever in our dark side. Sorat works by splitting and destroying. He does not want to make anybody more evil or just a little bit bad. He wields his will in both good and evil people. Therefore, we are having to work together in an observant, careful way to the highest possible degree. There can be no more: your will or mine will be done! The will of the highest God will be done. May my will be His will.”

So if, according to Roessner, Sorat does not want to “make anybody more evil or just a little bit bad”, then is nothing to worry about Sorat infection and no need “to work together in an observant, careful way to the highest possible degree!” However, he is not following his own advice of being careful to the highest possible degree, as is evident from the following two sentences: “Sorat has no interest whatsoever in our dark side. Sorat works by splitting and destroying.” Either he is not able to notice that these two sentences are an example of an obvious contradiction, or he thinks that splitting and destroying has nothing in common with the dark side – the evil part of man.

One can even wonder if in the statement, “The will of the highest God will be done. May my will be His will.” – Roessner is referring to the will of Sorat?! For the previous sentence – “There can be no more: your will or mine will be done!” – is basically taking away the freedom (potential for free will) of individual human beings and replacing it with Ten-Commandments-kind-of-ethical-rules to which people must submit because higher spiritual authorities demand so. This approach is not in accordance with the spirit of New Testament, neither with more recent descriptions of the reality of human freedom by Rudolf Steiner.

For in our age “the only healthy way to gain influence over another person’s Will is through cognition. Cognition should be the means whereby one soul comes to an understanding with another… In other words, human nature strives, in so far as it is healthy, to develop in the realm of the spirit the life it has in common with others, and to cherish and respect the realm of the subconscious, in so far as it comes to expression in the human organism, as an inviolable sanctuary that should rest in the personality, the individuality, of each man and should not be approached save through the door of conscious cognition. So at least a modern consciousness, attuned to our epoch, must feel if it is to know itself to be healthy.” [32]

Whoever demands that people should submit their behaviour for the sake of greater benefit (of any kind and in any manner) is violating “an inviolable sanctuary” of individual freedom of will, in spite of the fact that in the majority of people this is still in the process of development. From an esoteric perspective Sorath belongs to those spiritual beings who are very interested in suppressing the free development of human beings and for that purpose he is using all kinds of manipulations of the human mind to keep people in old social forms which originate from the past.

Let’s finish our review of incompatibilities between Roessner’s and Steiner’s descriptions of Sorath with the following one. Roessner has by an undisclosed method exposed that “Sorat is against vaccination. [This] does not mean that every unvaccinated person moves into Sorat’s camp, but Sorat also knows that human beings will fight against any compulsory vaccination in their urge towards freedom and therefore, he also works through this political-societal pressure. Against this subversive spirit we are powerless using our human intelligence. He will always be at the finishing line one step ahead of us, no matter which direction we take.”

In other words, Roessner is saying that we cannot defend ourselves against the subversive spirit of Sorat by means of our intelligence. And the most exposed to Sorat influence are those who are fighting for human freedom by resisting compulsory vaccination due to political-societal pressure. He somehow forgets that there were many more people who got vaccinated due to political-societal pressure and all kinds of duress. One wonders how Roessner managed to arrive at such an upside down conclusion, when the fight for human freedom is interpreted as something used by Sorat to guide people onto wrong paths.

Compare this with the following advice by Steiner in reply to the question: What protection is there against black magicians? – Steiner answered: “The best means is to attempt to preserve your freedom, to use your healthy power of judgment, and to use your reason. When you are always mindful of this, you will be in no danger, and will have nothing to withstand in this area. Of course, today, where the belief in author­ity plays such a large role and there is a great desire to know all kinds of things with a dimmed state of consciousness, it is easily possible that black magical influences flow in. Protection against them is necessary when you enter a certain stage of esoteric development. In a proper esoteric schooling that strives for harmony of the soul forces, you receive along with the schooling the protective powers against such attacks. There are no general rules.” [33]

Steiner’s answer makes clear two things. First is that for the majority of people protection against manipulation performed by evil human beings (those who are really ‘infected’ by Sorathic forces) is a healthy power of judgment – that is, common sense. Second is that only for those who are on the path of esoteric development are there needed additional protective measures. This means, that Roessner is the one who would need “a proper esoteric schooling that strives for harmony of the soul forces” as protection against ‘Sorat infection’, and not the vaccination, as he has been mistakenly believing. [34]

Therefore the only danger of ‘infection’ by the so-called ‘Sorat virus’ is the danger to became a victim of any form of modern mind control and manipulation of feelings and behaviour by means of selected ideas that prevent free development of individuality in the present age, the age of the consciousness soul. For these “are the attempts Sorat is making to gain at least temporary access to the consciousness of human beings in order to bring about calamity and confusion” – in reality “this is what the Sorat spirits who invade human souls are aiming at.” [35] For Sorath works on the level of human ego consciousness – that is, on the level of human intelligence! And often not alone, but in collaboration with Luciferic, Ahrimanic and Asuric beings.

The methods of manipulation of public opinion were already used in the past, are still used in the present time and will be used in the future. But during the intensive time of ‘Corona pandemic’ – the years 2020 and 2021 – they have been used to an unprecedented extent and intensity! Thus any claim that we cannot defend against ‘being-infected-with-Sorat-virus’ is insinuating that we cannot distinguish truth from pure lies and all other kinds of untruths: twisted truths, one-sided truths, half-truths, socially-comforting truths, unproven truths, propaganda ‘mantras’, suggestions and so on.

Therefore we can in the case of the ‘coronavirus pandemic’ divide humanity into two groups:

I will leave it to you to decide to which group Ralf Roessner belongs. But I hope that I have provided enough evidence that the Sorat being depicted by him is not the same being as Steiner has characterised. [36]


Steiner has often talked or wrote about prerequisites which a person has to develop beforehand if he/she wants to avoid arriving at false findings and conclusions when performing an occult investigation. Among them of the most fundamental importance is the following characteristic: “So long as one is in the physical body, one must also live with the physical world; therefore this mood of soul that the spiritual investigator must cultivate allows him in the physical world to strive as much as possible to grasp the facts of life with common sense, without sentimentality and untruthfulness. It is necessary for the spiritual investigator, to a much higher degree than is ordinarily the case, to have a healthy sense for facts, a genuine feeling for truthfulness. All fanaticism, all inaccuracy, which make it so easy to bypass what is really there, are harmful for the spiritual investigator. One can see already in ordinary life, and it becomes clear immediately in the realm of spiritual training, that a person who lets himself indulge only the least bit in inaccuracy will notice that it is only a tiny step from inaccuracy to lies and untruthfulness.

The spiritual investigator, therefore, must strive to feel himself obliged to hold firmly to the truth, to mix nothing with the unconditional truth that exists in ordinary life, for in the spiritual world such a mixing leads from error to error. In those circles wishing to have anything to do with spiritual investigation, the justified opinion should be spread that an outer, distinguishing characteristic of the true spiritual investigator must be his truthfulness; the moment the spiritual investigator demonstrates that he feels little obligation to test what he says, speaking rather of things he cannot know about the physical world [or the spiritual world], he becomes flawed as a spiritual investigator and no longer can merit a full trust.” [37]

As I have demonstrated in this article the degree of untruthfulness in Ralf Roessner’s report is such that he no longer merits a full trust. And if one tries to find out the reason for his lack of truthfulness, then the following description sheds further light on this issue: “One who in the life and conditions natural in our time unfolds genuine seership, must bring to bear upon the revelations, inspirations and experiences coming to him from the spiritual world, the logical reason he is able to acquire here in the physical world, through the exercise of normal, earthly thinking. The experiences of a seer in modern times can never be completely intelligible if they are not received by a soul thoroughly schooled in logical, reasoned thinking. In the modern age these inspirations and revelations from the spiritual world demand that logical thinking shall be brought to bear upon them.

A person who has such inspirations today, but lacks the will to unfold logical thinking, to develop his earthly faculties healthily and selflessly, can never achieve more than what is called ‘visionary clairvoyance’, which remains obscure and incomprehensible, and is for this reason bound to be misleading. Only a soul possessed of the resolute will to exercise reason can provide the right conditions for inspirations from the spiritual world in the modern age. That is why in a spiritual movement such as ours the greatest possible importance must be attached to the fact that seership shall not be developed, nor the revelations from the spiritual world proclaimed, in an amateurish, unbalanced way. The aim for which we must work is that the soul itself shall bring something to meet the inspirations and revelations. The development of seership demands the effort and exertion required in rational thinking. In our time the two cannot be separated.” [38]

As I have presented in the first part of this article, we are dealing in Roessner’s case with an extreme lack of rational logical thinking. He does not even notice that he often contradicts himself in the same paragraph a few times! And if one wonders how it is possible that there are people who take seriously such amateurish ‘occult research’, one might find an answer in the following Steiner’s description (with one addition of mine in the square brackets): “It would seem therefore, that at the present time a book can be accepted in the widest circles and considered as an earnest and scientific work [or occult research], which is centred upon a contradiction such as turns all inner logic into a mockery! Is it possible in these days for human thought to travel along such crooked paths as these? What is the reason of this? Anyone who wishes clearly to understand the development of mankind must find the answer to that question. The reason is that what men believe or think at any given period, is not the result of their logical thought, but of their feelings and sentiments; ; they believe and think what they wish to think.” [39]

Is there anybody who can disprove my conclusion that the so-called ‘occult research’ of Ralf Roessner belongs to those writings which are turning inner logic into a mockery of the common sense for truth?

If you still have some doubts, then you should consider the following principle of genuine spiritual research: “When the Anthroposophical Society began to present some of the basic teachings of occultism to the world, it had to adopt the principle: there is no law higher than truth. Very few people understand this principle. Most are satisfied if they can say they have the conviction that something is true, and then if it is wrong, they will simply say that they were mistaken. The occultist cannot rely on his subjective honesty. There he is on the wrong track. He must always be in consonance with the facts of the external world, and any experience that contradicts these facts must be seen as an error or a mistake. The question of who is at fault for the error ceases to be important to the occultist. He must be in absolute harmony with the facts in life. He must begin to feel responsible in the strictest sense for every one of his assertions. Thus he trains himself in the unconditional certainty that he must have for himself and for others if he wishes to be a spiritual guide.” [40]

I do not wish to be a spiritual guide; but I do strive to understand things I am researching and present them to other people in such a way that this will help them to arrive at their own understanding and thus contribute something that will benefit them – in the same manner as I have benefited from the results of the spiritual scientific research of Steiner and other genuine researchers. This I do because “spiritual science aims to be an influence in practical life, a source of strength and confidence. It is for people who wish to be effective in life, not for the merely curious. Knowledge of the spirit has always existed. It has been fostered in circles where it was recognized that human beings are capable of developing spiritual forces of greater capacity than the ordinary intellect. In these circles there was aware­ness of the fact that healing was connected with holiness; it was felt that the Holy Spirit was the wholly healthy spirit that united itself with the souls of human beings to bring healing to the world.

This is the least understood aspect. Spiritual knowledge guides the human soul away from narrow attitudes and egoistic aims; it points to universal issues that unite the individual with the cosmos. Nevertheless, the higher forces it bestows often are used as an incen­tive for egoistic striving. It is often made to serve egoism despite the fact that its very nature is to lead human beings away from the per­sonal; people demand that egoistic wishes should be fulfilled from one day to the next through spiritual science.” [41]

One manifestation of the egoistic striving in the anthroposophical movement is when people like Ralf Roessner believe that they are contributing something positive to development of humanity with spreading such an indigestible mixture of some anthroposophical truths and all kinds of one-sided truths, inaccuracies and illogical nonsense leading to the complete ridicule of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. For we cannot “weaken Sorath’s power by strengthening the Christ – [which] is only possible through active love of our neighbour” – if we cannot even agree with other people about what is true in regard to the social phenomena of the ‘Corona pandemic’. For its curse is the widespread inability of a proper understanding of the spiritual backgrounds of this event. And the blessing is when people develop a proper understanding of this event in the context of the cosmic and human evolution, revealed to us by means of anthroposophical spiritual science.

And all those who want to be the mediators between the pro-vaxx and anti-vaxx groups of the divided humanity, need first to develop a proper sense for truth which is in extreme demand in our times, because “illogical thinking is extraordinarily widespread; at no time has illogical thinking been so widespread as precisely in our time, in spite of the fact that people pride themselves so much on their logical thinking.” [42]

Therefore “wherever passions and instincts mingle with thinking, people still find themselves involved in strife and dispute, in wild confusion, for the life of instincts and impulses is itself a seething chaos. When, how­ever, impulses, instincts and passions have been purged and transmuted” [43] by virtue of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth – “when they have developed to the level at which logical, dispassionate thinking stands today, when our thinking and feeling have become purified to the extent that what one person feels resonates harmoniously with the feelings of others, then the ideals of ancient wisdom, of Christianity, of anthroposophy, will be realised. It will then be as unnecessary to vote about what is held to be good, ideal and right as it is to vote about what has been recognised as logically right or logically wrong.” [43]

And those who claim to do occult research should know that the genuine “occultist feels displeasure over illogical things, joy and peace of soul over logical things. If he defends something that he immediately sees to be right, he has to prove it nowadays with a lengthy argument, in order to be understood. The occultist feels pain especially vividly when he reads the newspaper, because it is just in the daily papers that one frequently finds illogicality incarnate.” [44]

I think I have provided enough evidence that Roessner’s contribution is an extreme case of illogical thinking based on an embarrassing lack of proper understanding of the extraordinary complexity of the medical, social and esoteric questions he is writing about. However, due to his combination of the occasional use of occult realities [45] and unverified or unverifiable observations, dubious assertions and groundless conclusions – that is, ‘illogicality incarnate’ [46] – and then this indigestible mixture wrapped in a garb of holiness by means of constant repetitions of the name of Christ – all this is not without an effect on a reader.

In any case Roessner’s contribution does not help anybody to develop a better understanding of the spiritual background of the ‘Corona pandemic’ – which should be the case if there would be a report of a genuine occult researcher, a true member of the white brotherhood under the leadership of Christ, such as Rudolf Steiner was and still is.

For complementary perspectives see:

The Spiritual Impacts of Vaccines and Mineral Drugs on the Future Development of Humanity

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  1. The original German version of the 33-page brochure (Ralf Rößner, ‘Covid-19’ Fluch und Segen) was published by Roessner’s own publishing company Rosenblüt Verlag (no date given). It is very likely that, so far (January 2023), the English translation has not been published; but I am not sure as the translator has not responded to the request to verify this assumption.
  2. There are many forms of modern occult/esoteric research. However, nowadays we can divide them into two basic groups: in one group are those who have developed clairvoyant capacities and can therefore perceive spiritual beings and their activities; in other group are those who are studying reports of spiritual research by Steiner and other spiritual scientific investigators with the aim to develop an understanding of the nature of spiritual beings and their forces. Steiner has been talking and writing about the modern methods of development of the perception of the spiritual worlds on numerous occasions and this enables us (among other things) to grasp what methods he was using to arrive at his findings. In comparison to this it is not clear if Roessner has developed certain clairvoyant capacities, or is his research based only on his perception by means of feelings which he then tries to explain with selected conceptions about the nature of spiritual beings that he received from the works of Rudolf Steiner and other occult researchers.
  3. Although Roessner does not say it openly, it seems that he is trying to practise thinking of the heart. This is indicated by the fact that he edited and published the book by Jan Dostal Auf dem Weg zum Herzens-Denken (On the Path to the Heart-Thinking). However, what he has produced in this report is not the harmonious synthesis of feelings of the heart and the head thinking (which is the essence of the future thinking of the heart), but due to sheer amount of illogicality a weird caricature of it.
  4. A friend of mine who gave me Roessner’s publication, also sent an email to him in April 2022 asking him many questions, to which he has so far not received a single answer. Here are some of them: “How is the astral virus spread? Does the test indicate a spreading of this astral entity? Why are Sorat beings untransmutable? How does the Sorat work into the human being over 21 years of infection? Who are the white brotherhoods and what is their role if not to act in such circumstances? Why should humanity have to turn to one of the tempters (Ahriman) of the Christ Jesus story to save them, why can not the archangelic power of Michael suffice in such times?”
  5. Judith von Halle is another German member of the anthroposophical movement who wrote about the ‘coronavirus pandemic’ from an esoteric perspective: The Coronavirus Pandemic: Anthroposophical Perspectives, 2020; The Coronavirus Pandemic II: Further Anthroposophical Perspectives, 2022. 
  6. Roessner’s confident assertions are an evident example of confusing the spiritual and physical levels of existence which are guided by different set of laws. Roessner first presents the new virus as something that exist on the physical level; then he claims that the virus is the carrier of the Sorat parasite and that this parasite inhabits the astral body, the carrier of human soul-spiritual activities of thinking, feeling and willing. Then he asserts that it is not necessary that such a person becomes physically ill, but there is no doubt that he is spiritually infected and helpless to defend against it by spiritual means (with an exception of heart prayer). Nevertheless Roessner insists that “against this subversive spirit we are powerless using our human intelligence” and for that reason we need to take physical medicine in the form of vaccine to prevent us to become a victim of “a certain spiritual captivity.”
  7. See selection of articles About Virus Isolation and PCR Test.
  8. For an introduction to the crucial role of Christ in the domain of human health see my article: Christ as the Source of Forces that Are Leading towards True Healing of Human Diseases.
  9. From Roessner’s descriptions it is evident that he is not familiar either with the fundamental principles of anthroposophical approach to medicine, or with the esoteric descriptions of origin of diseases and nature of human health that are available in the works of Rudolf Steiner. For if he were familiar he would not arrive at such oversimplifications as he has done in the case of Covid-19. One can obtain an impression of the complexity of this topic from my list of Rudolf Steiner’s Extracts on Disease and Health.
  10. To say something like this is an example of an extraordinary level of arrogance, for even Steiner with all his capacities would not have enough time in his life to examine the karmic backgrounds of so many thousands of people who died due to Covid vaccination or who were harmed by it. And in the case where we are dealing with an example of general karmic law, then we arrive by logical deduction to the conclusion that everything in regard to human health is the consequence of “personal, individual, or karmic causes.”
  11. Roessner does not provide any explanation of the differences between the personal, individual, or karmic causes. But the manner of the application of this argument indicates that he is denying an obvious possibility that illness and death can be caused also by the present actions of people, and not just by the causes from the past.
  12. The only evidence for Roessner’s claim that there are no negative physiological impacts of vaccines is the supposed statement of the white brotherhoods which cannot be verified by readers; and that of his personal experience of having a vaccine and not experiencing immediate negative health consequences. However, as neither can count as serious evidence (one being hearsay, another anecdotal evidence), they should not be mentioned at all.
  13. Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, 01.01.1922; Old and New Methods of Initiation
  14. It is not clear how Roessner has managed to link the impact of Sorat with the emergence of a disease, for in my entire collection of extracts on the origin of diseases and nature of health there are plenty references to impacts of Luciferic and Ahrimanic beings, but not a single one to the Sorath being. I wonder if Roessner has some of Steiner’s resources in German that are not available to me or, alternatively, whether he has surpassed Steiner with his occult research and discovered previously unknown impacts of Sorat on human health and disease. (See also note 25)
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  20. An argument that we are justified to restrict basic human rights of people when the freedom of others is violated, can be used only in a specific situation under the condition that such violation is proven in the court of law. Such argument cannot be used as general rule, as in this case we arrive at the totalitarian state when control of other people’s will can be easily misused on the basis of ‘protection of people’ against this or that supposed danger. In the case of the ‘coronavirus pandemic’ was widely used an unproven argument that the unvaccinated endanger the lives of the vaccinated. Such argument is the equivalent of the medieval argument that certain women are witches that endanger the wellbeing of the community (which was the firm belief of those who persecuted them). Today we regard this practise as an example of harmful superstition, but there are numerous people who do not have a problem with applying the same logic in the case of the persecution of the unvaccinated.
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  22. It is interesting that Roessner is not the only member of the anthroposophical movement who has suddenly become an ‘expert on karmic questions’, challenging the fundamental tenets of Steiner’s descriptions of the laws of karma. One Croatian anthroposophical doctor was quite sure that “this latest [mRNA Covid] vaccine cannot adversely affect life after death”, while simultaneously admitting that “there are still many unanswered questions about the possible harm of the [mRNA Covid] vaccine, so whoever can avoid vaccination should avoid it.” What was even more surprising is the fact that no single person from about 1300 members of the anthroposophical movement from the countries of former Yugoslavia (who have read this) challenged him by asking how he knows about karmic (i.e. extremely long term) consequences of vaccines with such certainty, when he is not even sure about relatively short term health consequences in this life?!
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  36. Those who are familiar with Steiner’s descriptions of spiritual hierarchies which guide the cosmic and human evolution and of all those opposing spiritual beings to whom Sorath belongs are aware how complex are his descriptions and how often one is not sure to which group belongs the being(s) which he is describing. This is not surprising if one takes into account that the conditions of existence in the spiritual worlds are not as clear-cut as in our physical world where we have quite distinctive borders between one living being and another. Because the forces and activities of spiritual beings can interpenetrate each other, it is often hard to say where one being begins and where it ends. Thus it is not surprising that in spite of Steiner presenting Ahriman and Sorath as two separate categories of spiritual beings, he also portrays Sorath as one of the greatest of ahrimanic demonic powers (Dornach, 12.09.1924).
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  45. Here are few examples of occult realities from the Roessner’s brochure: “I have the same experience as Judith von Halle, who identifies in her book The Coronavirus Pandemic II, the cause of the pandemic as being the continuing world-wide materialism, that has taken hold of our thinking, and, particularly of our spiritual thinking and feeling during the last 150 years.” “One is tempted to think that now we are lost. But we can also be mindful and remember humanity’s kingly heritage, the Divine Monad, the eternal divine fire within our hearts. No demon, however mighty, can extinguish this fire. Only the human being could do that.” “When we follow Christ, we cannot go astray. We have gone astray (in the past) and must take the consequences.”
  46. Here is another example of ‘illogicality incarnate’ from the Roessner’s brochure: “One could have the impression here that the black lodges are behind the pandemic-vaccinations after all, having refrained, this time, from consciously using occult vaccines. This is, of course, not the case. The pharmaceuticals are completely under Ahriman’s control. So far this is the only thing we may accuse them of. They want to earn money and exert power, nothing else. In this way individual scientists can still do their work to the best of their abilities (in many cases imbued with Manichean spirit) for the benefit of humanity and for profit, to the delight of their employers. Good quality sells in the long run, when goods keep what the manufacturers promise. (There is, however, fear of being sued for damages.)”
    And another example: “Question: Should we also learn to love evil since it is part of God’s creation? [Roessner’s] answer: This is valid for Ahriman and Lucifer. We stepped in to teach them to pray. Not so Sorat. Sorat is not our enemy! He wants to destroy Christ and his work. But he can only do this through the human being. Christ has become human for us and has made himself vulnerable. What we can do is to recognise and love the Christ in us, that is in our brothers and sisters. Not fighting against Sorat! I can only weaken his power by strengthening the Christ and this is only possible through active love of our neighbour. What you do to your brother you do to me. Thus speaks the Word of Worlds to each one of us. In this situation, so new to humanity, it is important to examine it as comprehensively as possible.”