Basic Prerequisites for the Comprehension
of Esoteric Explanations


There exists different levels of investigation and understanding of diverse aspects of human existence, including health and the origin of illnesses. For practical purposes I divide them into three levels:

In the articles about the corona pandemic I have tried to explain things in such a manner that everyone with an open and unprejudiced mind can grasp them. As one can notice my website is divided into explanations of nutritional principles on a basic level and on an advanced level. But there are no explanations on an esoteric level. For that reason I was intentionally avoiding entering into the very challenging esoteric explanations about the origin of infectious diseases and epidemics, for these explanations can be grasped only by those who have progressed on the path of knowledge of cosmic and human evolution far enough.

Although the content of my articles is the result of twenty years long research of the spiritual backgrounds of the origins of diseases and nature of human health [1], I am well aware that this is not something that all readers would be interested to read about or capable to follow it. However, as there are people interested in entering into esoteric aspects of the epidemics (especially among the members of anthroposophical movement) here is the list of topics one should be fairly well familiar with beforehand if s/he wants to understand Steiner’s explanations:

This is not something that one can attain overnight, or by reading one article or even a book. For there are no shortcuts if one wants to attain a real understanding of the esoteric aspects of the origin of human diseases which encompasses the working of karma in the successive human incarnations and the manifold manners of participation of various spiritual hierarchies, nature spirits and elemental beings in the evolution of humanity.


  1. I have been collecting Steiner’s explanation about the origin of illnesses, the nature of human health and suitable methods of healing since my arrival in England at Easter 2000. The present fruit of this work is collection of 207 extracts – the majority of which is not taken from Steiner’s courses for doctors or other series of lectures which have medical titles. Although it has to be admitted that this is far from a finished collection, you can nevertheless see – if you just look at the titles of these extracts – that the spiritual scientific explanations of human health and origin of diseases are extraordinarily complex.