On 8th December 2020 there was a debate in the Parliament of the United Kingdom about Covid-19 vaccine roll-out (see the full transcript of the debate) which was introduced by a short speech from Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, followed by comments and questions from the members of parliament. The whole debate was heavily impregnated with the following moods and opinions:


few observations

The above political debate demonstrates clearly that members of the UK Parliament demonstrate the extraordinary level of incompetence to deal with the challenging issues of health and disease, in the sense of an insight by one keen observer of American political realities that “for every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” For the burning issues of human health and the origin of illnesses are extremely complex – even from a viewpoint of genuine science – and whoever thinks otherwise is simply not in accordance with the realities of existence. One doesn’t need to be any kind of medical expert to understand the basic truth that one cannot heal any illness if one doesn’t know what the true causes for its emergence are. And as true causes are never addressed by materialistic medical science it is time for people to wake up and take charge of their own health and the health of the loved ones.

If one just looks at the threefold constitution of the human being one can recognise Three Main Culprits for the Present Worldwide Health Crisis. For nowadays people do not suffer just with seasonal epidemics of respiratory diseases (to which belongs the present corona pandemic), but with a multitude of other diseases. The indisputable fact is that the whole of humanity is confronted with The Global Epidemic of Diseases of Modern Civilisation that will not disappear with any new miracle vaccine or miracle drug (even in the case where they were really effective) regardless of the comments of those politicians, medical experts and journalists that are obviously speaking according to the script of the marketing department of the cartel of the pharmaceutical corporations.

The level of debate by the members of the British parliament about Covid-19 vaccine roll-out clearly demonstrates that Brexit will not make any difference if the members of old parties stay in power. With such members in charge of decisions that are further impoverishing the UK citizens, suppressing their basic human rights and harming their health there is no hope for any positive change.  Therefore the time is more than ripe for new parties to emerge and to take over the corrupt political system of the past that serves nobody else but those who already have too much material wealth.