The image on the top is the link to the Home Page of the website.

The above image contains three hyperlinks. Letter 'h' on the left side is the link to the Home Page. On the right side you can expand the page (this works only when the page is accompained by the Menu Bar on the left).

The star in the middle is the link to one of the five main menus into which the content of the website is divided. When the same menu exists on two levels  you can distinguish them by number 1 (Basic Level) and number 2 (Advanced Level).

In the contents of the menus (on the right) small pictures or TITLES are used as links to the pages. The colour of the links is VIOLET. This is also the colour of the links inside the texts. Any other coloured words are there for the sake of design.

You can stay in Full Screen view until you are browsing inside my website. After you have used any external link you have to go temporarily back to normal view and then back to my website. For Full Screen view press F11. To go back to normal view press F11 again.

For the best artistic performance of the website I recommend the use of Opera browser – but only if you have a fast Internet connection and at least 2 GB of installed memory (RAM). With this browser you will get the best design outcome. Other browsers show the texts slightly too small in relation to the images, or some other distortions. You can download Opera browser for free on www.opera/download/ For Full Screen view in Opera browser click on the right mouse button and then Full Screen. To get back to normal view, press Escape or repeat the above procedure. If you need Back function click on the right mouse button and then Back.