“Spiritual science is concerned with understanding. Spiritual science does not give rules, but only wants to explain how things really are. It does not stand for this or that kind of diet – what it actually does is to enable people to understand any form of diet. Then each may arrange his life as he wills, according to these great laws of existence.”

Rudolf Steiner

Nutrition as a Bridge to the World

Three Bridges between Man and the Outside World

Creation of an Inner Space for Activities of Nutrition

Nutrition for Body and Soul

Nourishment for Our Enjoyment and Bodily Needs

Organic versus Conventional Food

Modern Agriculture: The Vicious Circle of Decreasing Life

Organic Agriculture: The Circle of Increasing Life

Wholefood versus Refined Food

Activites of Refining in the Digestive Tract

Industrial versus Bodily Food Refining

Food versus Stimulants

Polarity of Organic Life and Life of Consciousness

Essential Difference between Food and Stimulants

Food as ‘Poison’

All Food is Slightly Poisonous to Our Organism

Individual Strength versus Outer Substances and Forces

Nutrition and 'Inner Patient'

Physical Illness as Disorder in the Activity of Metabolic Processes

Innate Metabolic Tendencies towards Development of an Illness

Development of New Eating 'Instincts'

How to Nurture Healthy Eating 'Instincts'