“When people look out into the universe they think that space is empty and that the stars are in this empty space. In times gone by, peasants believed that there was emptiness all around them as they moved about. Today everyone knows that there is air around us, not emptiness. So, too, we can know that in the universe there is no emptiness anywhere; either matter is there or spirit is there.”

Rudolf Steiner

Cosmic Evolution of Substances

Evolution of Earthly & Cosmic Substances

Seven Conditions of Matter

Cosmic Origin of Living Substances

Macrocosmic Origins of Molecules

Four Basic Elements of Earthly Life

Dynamic 'Formulas' Of Living Substances

Inorganic versus Organic Substances

Blurred Differentiation of Modern Science

Clear Differentiation of Spiritual Science

Natural versus Artificial Substances

The Origin and Character of Natural vs Artificial Substances

The Reverse Chemistry of Subnatural Hydrocarbons