"Forming mental pictures already gives our conceptual life an individual stamp. Everyone looks at the world from his particular place. His concepts connect themselves to his particular percepts. He thinks the general concepts in his special way. We each connect special feeling – and, indeed, in the most varying degrees of intensity – with our percepts. This is what is individual in our personality. Feeling is the means whereby concepts first gain concrete life."

Rudolf Steiner


This bibliography is not the usual one; it is the review of the main sources of ideas which have expanded my thinking, influenced my feeling life, and stimulated me into actions. In this way these books have made significant contributions towards my understanding of the holistic approach to nutrition which is at the source of this website.

Slovenian books that helped expand my initial materialistic understanding of nutrition to a more holistic understanding:

Serbo-Croatian books that significantly contributed towards more holistic understanding of nutrition and healing (English titles and publishers in the brackets):

The most important concepts and ideas which enabled me to formulate the fundamental principles of nutrition came from the works of Rudolf Steiner. Here is the selection of his books and booklets which were extremely helpful for my investigation of the riddles of human being in relation to nutrition:


There are not many publications from other spiritual-scientific researchers on the topic of nutrition. Nevertheless they have been rich and valuable source of insights into puzzling questions about nutrition. They are listed below: