The Method of Investigation

There is more than enough evidence of the fact that modern humanity is confronted with an avalanche of various problems in relation to nutrition. There is also enough evidence that people in general – and even those who are working professionally within the nutritional field – are struggling to comprehend the origins and causes of these problems. There are multiple reasons for such a state of affairs in the domain of nutrition. Among the basic reasons is the dominance of one-sided approaches and methods of investigation. A prime example is the approach of modern science, focusing mainly on the research of physical and chemical aspects of nutrition.

For an expanded review see Scientific Approach to Research

These pages address some of the most burning issues and questions of nutrition with the aim to provide people with the basic understanding of underlying reasons and thus inspire them to search for real solutions. The method used for investigation of a chosen nutritional question is based on the main characteristics of a spiritual-scientific approach.  Among them are the following three major attitudes:

For an expanded review see Spiritual-Scientific Approach to Research.