Burning Questions of Nutrition

investigations of the causes of various nutritional questions
appearing in the present times

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The Method of Investigation

Are Grains Really Dangerous to Our Health?

In the United States we can witness the emergence of a strong anti-grain movement amongst the nutritional researchers and health experts who are condemning grains – especially the gluten containing grains – as God’s scourge. They are calling them ‘dangerous’, ‘silent killers’, ‘destroyers of brain’, ‘one of the most toxic food’…

Is Refined Food Really Organic?

In recent years we have seen more and more certified organic products made from refined ingredients, such as white flour and whitish types of sugar, while at the same time we are witnessing in the mainstream food market the trend towards whole grains and even a movement promoting complete elimination of sugar on the basis of health reasons. How is it possible that the organic movement, in spite of all its past positive work to provide people with good quality food, has lost its compass in regard to the choice between whole and refined food?