Fundamental Principles of Nutrition


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Nutrition as a Bridge to the World

Three Bridges between Man and the Outside World
Creation of an Inner Space for Activities of Nutrition
Fourfold Nature of Real Foods

Nutrition for Body and Soul

Nourishment for Our Enjoyment and Bodily Needs
Subjective versus Objective Facts of Nutrition

Nutrition – Healing – Education

The Main Physiological Functions of Three Systems
Nerve-Sense System: Learning through Perceiving and Thinking
Rhythmic System: Healing through Soul-Balancing
Metabolic-Limb System: Will in Nutrition and Action

Nutrition as a Supersensible Activity

Physiological Processes as Supersensible Processes
The Aim of Supersensible ‘Digestion’ of Food Substances

Earthly Nutritional Stream

The Brain as an Instrument of Thinking
Cosmic Forces as Forces of Thinking
Mineral Salts as Earthly Substances In Our Food
Minerals Necessary for Our Ability of Thinking

Cosmic Nutritional Stream

Cosmic Ethers as Cosmic Substances
Nourishing Through the Sense Organs and Breathing
Endocrine Glands as an Entrance of Cosmic Ethers
The Human Body Renewed out of the Universal Ether

Food as Source of Energy

The Nature of Life Energy in Our Food
Seven Life Processes of the Human Organism
Food's Vitality Stimulates Life Processes