Holistic Approach to Nutrition

Introductory Texts for the Fundamental Principles of Nutrition

These texts give the initial descriptions of the most important characteristics of the holistic approach to the research of nutrition from the spiritual-scientific perspective which will enable you to understand the nutritional principles that follow.

Level 1: Basic Level

This level is for those who wish to know some basics about nutrition and then - with the help of nutritional guidelines - would like to go immediately into action.

This level is accessible to all open-minded people; explanations can be understood and checked by unprejudiced intellect and by the facts of life.

This level is available for free, but it is limited in the number of introductory texts on the holistic approach to research (4) and explanations of the fundamental principles of nutrition (7).

Level 2: Advanced Level

This level is for those who wish to go deeper into the questions of nutrition. This level is appropriate only for those open to the existence of soul and spirit, including those interested in the spiritual-scientific approach to nutrition.

This level is available only after registration and payment, but it contains more than enough introductory texts and fundamental principles of nutrition to enable you to gain a real understanding of the most important nutritional relationships between food and the human being.

The content of the advanced level is not yet complete; so far about three quarters of it is already available. For the overview of its full content see Content of the Advanced Level.