From how many computers can I access the website with my user name?

You can access the website from the ten different computers in a period of one month. This means that in the case where you use one computer to access the website on a regular basis, then you can each month – in the case of travel – access the website from nine other computers. If by mistake you try to access the website on more than ten different computers, then your user name will be blocked for 24 hours.

When will you publish a book?

If you are one of those who prefer to read books instead of reading from the screen, then I give below the reason why is not yet time to publish a book:

In the meantime the solution is to print only the text and look at pictures on the screen. The main purpose of each text of HOLISTIC APPROACH TO NUTRITION and FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF NUTRITION is to understand the archetype which is presented in the form of a picture with a short summary at the beginning of each text. With the aim to enable printing only the text, each page in the above two menus has at its end the link which opens a separate window with text.

In the case of GENERAL NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES things are rather different. This means that these pages offer help with any practical issue. Because of this you do not need to print them, for you can have a quick look at them whenever is there a need for it.

I hope that this will enable you to use the website in the period until the book is published. If you have any other suggestion in regard to this issue, please inform me.